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Who is BOB?

BOB Foundation Ltd aims to raise awareness and funds for the education of children in refugee camps around the world. We collaborate with #ResponsibleFashion brands who simply design a T-Shirt, or other fashion apparel, and donate the proceeds to the foundation. We also have our own line of clothing where 100% of the profits will go directly to our BOB Certified Charities and Schools in Lebanon where educational needs are supported such as school fees, books, stationery and uniforms. We firmly believe that EDUCATION is EMPOWERMENT and wish to uphold this basic Human Right and instil hope to an otherwise desperate situation. We choose #BooksOverBombs. For more information about the kids we help, click here.

What is #ResponsibleFashion

#Responsible Fashion refers to brands in the industry that are either environmentally responsible or socially responsible. We offer the opportunity to fashion brands who want to make a difference by collaborating with us on projects. Proceeds from these projects go directly to refugee schools allowing them to be able to reach more children and provide quality education to a forgotten generation.

Why choose BOB?

The BOB Foundation Ltd. will have its very own line of clothing coming soon!. Our awesome apparel is GMO-free, 100% Organic Cotton and Fair Trade. But that's not all! We also donate 100% of our profits to our BOB Certified Charity. We're so nice, it's naughty!


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela