A tiny poem by Kid President

Kid President is a really cute kid in a suit whose goal in life is to make the world “awesome”. He has done countless uplifting YouTube videos with the likes of Beyoncé, Barack Obama and many more celebs. His main mission is to help kids like him (big kids like us too!) to be inspired by doing acts of kindness and helping those around us. He was recently invited to the United Nations and this was his “Tiny Poem” that he wanted to share with us.

“The world is so big and we’re all so small,
Sometimes it feels like we can’t do anything at all.
The world can be better (in spite of its flaws)
The world can be better and you’ll be the cause.
And even though the waves are bigger than our boats,
The wind keeps sailing, its love gives us hope.
Some days it’s dark but we’ll keep rowing,
Because people like you whisper ‘Keep going, keep going, keep going’ “

Love & Light,