Cold Lake, Canada... We salute you!

I read an article today on CBC online about a town in Canada known as Cold Lake. This town experienced what an unfortunate large amount of towns have faced in the western world.

Due to the intense fear-mongering tactics by some mainstream media outlets, citizens from all over the world have become increasingly scared of Muslims. Islamophobia is a relatively new term referring to, you guessed it, the fear of Muslims.

Unfortunately, we are seeing law-abiding Muslims being the target of much hate and abuse in response to the terrorist atrocities maliciously acted out by extremists. I can personally see from my own Facebook timeline that the comments and likes on particular sites promoting this hate are becoming more and more apparent. People are scared, and I understand that. However, we shouldn’t take it out on those who are innocent.

In Cold Lake, a local Mosque was graffitied with a message saying, “Go Home”. Although this is much more politer than the typical “F**k off, We’re Full!”; its message is still disheartening and nevertheless degrading to any citizen who calls their country ‘home’. Only a couple hours later, the scene was much different with residents coming down to repair the damage. Some even displaying their own written notes in the window saying, “You are home”. Here’s an excerpt of how truly moving this moment was. 

Cold Lake resident Matt Downey, who came down to the mosque with his daughter to deliver flowers to Elkadri, says he wanted to show that the vandals didn’t speak for the majority of the people in town.

“It’s sad. I mean, these guys are peaceful. I think it is important for the community to show them that we know the difference between extremists and a religion,” he said.

Matt Downey, whoever you are kind stranger, I thank you. I thank you for being an amazing human being and most importantly I thank you for being such a great role model for your daughter. As parents we hold the responsibility for how the next generation chooses to empathise. Your daughter is blessed to have a dad like you and in Australia we would say, “Good On Ya Mate!”

Our communities need to show their support and love in order to truly overcome ALL terrorism. Whether we are being terrorised by international atrocities or whether we are being terrorised domestically by our very own mainstream media outlets.

Love and Light,


Read the full article here: Town rallies around vandalised Cold Lake Mosque