In the Age of Information, ignorance is a choice.

“Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace.” ~ Dalai Lama

The inspiration for designing this graphic comes from the gross amount of ignorance found today. With the internet, we have free access to YouTube, Twitter and other forms of social media where we can gain insights to alternative news outlets. Yet we don’t. I’m not saying the alternative news outlets are representing the “truth”, however, if you combine the two you will be able to get a better picture. As a human being, your heart can decipher what is right and what is down-right wrong.

There is evidence of “deliberate ignorance” throughout; whether it is deliberate ignorance about the existence of global warming, deliberate ignorance about the conflict in the Middle East or deliberate ignorance on the true effect bullying has on kids. And I think I’ve realised why society has opted for the route to deliberate ignorance. It’s because they know that it is much easier to not know about something, than to have to do something about it. Once you are aware of an injustice, you are then held accountable for your actions, or in most cases inaction.

We have reached a place in humanity where we believe that filming a fight, filming some sort of an assault is much better than intervening. You may say, I didn’t want to get involved and risk being hurt? If you are present, you are involved. You have to get up and say something. You have to show those who are in struggle that you have their back. Nobody wants to feel forgotten.

As the news prods on to the next social crisis, nobody really pays attention to what was (and is still occurring). Children of Syria are still suffering everyday. Just because it’s not on the news, it doesn’t mean it is not happening. Unfortunately, it is just not “current enough”. And that, my fellow readers, is the saddest testament to humanity. I don’t want to forget these kids and you shouldn’t either.

Whether we like it or not, they are going to need decades of support. Children become teenagers, teenagers become adults. And the world needs more healthy adults; physically and emotionally.

Love and Light,