Pharrell's "Happy" makes it to Syrian refugees

When Pharrell Williams’ song ‘Happy’ came out, we all got on board and enjoyed getting down to this tune. What came next were a whole bunch of parody videos; some good, some awful and then there’s this kind of one: Inspirational. This video was taken in March 2014 by a volunteer who traveled to Iraq to work with Syrian refugees.

What came out of it was something no one really expected. The amount of joy in this video is amazing. This goes to show that even in their darkest hour, Syrian children are so resilient. Because even in that moment; those few minutes of joy, they found their childhood again. They found their smile. They found their ‘happy’.

This is the Syria the world needs to see because these little faces, these little smiles are evidence of hope. We need to make videos like these go viral because they not only make those kids smile, but the people who watch it too. People like you and I who can sometimes get really down by all the negativity in the news. But to see them dance and laugh, it gives me faith in humanity.

Everytime you are feeling a little low, watch this video. It will help you find your ‘happy’.

If there are any similar parody videos of “Happy”, please share the links in the comments below. I would love to compile a list of videos that give hope and remind us to be grateful.

Love and Light,