The Age of #ResponsibleFashion

What is #ResponsibleFashion? It refers to fashion labels who not only have great style, but are either socially or environmentally responsible.

The term #ResponsibleFashion does not only refer to those not-for-profit concepts who are solely born to make a difference, such TOMS, etc. It also refers to independent labels that donate their time or part proceeds to a particular cause that is dear to them.

Fashion, I believe, is not just about looking stylish. Fashion is a representation of who you are, or if you’re a chameleon like me, who you are in that given moment. When fashion collaborates with other organizations for a cause, it not only shows their loyal customers that they are giving back to the community, but it also gives them a chance to increase their presence in the corporate social responsibility realm.

I think fashion is a great form of communication and when it combines with a message of peace, hope or love; great heights can be achieved. Even the smallest of changes, the smallest shift in moral consciousness can have a great ripple effect. Customers will have a sense of comfort when purchasing such items because they know that it is going towards a good cause and that they are apart of that journey. Have we just figured out a cure for ‘buyer’s remorse’?! I laugh at that thought, but who knows, I would certainly feel better post purchase.

If you are an independent fashion label and would like to be a part of the #ResponsibleFashion revolution, email us at

Love and Light,