Not your traditional hangtag

Hang-tags are a common item found on all fashion apparel usually describing the brand's message, the fabric and where it was made. They are a pivotal piece in the branding of a fashion company and we have come to accept it as part of the purchase.

However. we usually discard the hang-tag and throw it away. After all, why would we need it? For the team at BOB this became a worrying concept. Yes it is necessary for a hang-tag to come with any piece of clothing but it is such a waste of paper. As we try to do our very best in being as resourceful and environmentally conscious as possible, we wanted to give the traditional hang-tag a second life.

The idea came about to collaborate with a very awesome concept called Postcards For Peace. It is the very simple idea of sending messages of peace, non-violence, hope, support and love around the world on postcards. After brainstorming with the founder of Postcards For Peace, Martin Rowsell, we decided that we have a hang-tag on one side and on the other is a postcard, therefore naming our creation "The Post-Tag". Customers are encouraged to send a handwritten note of love and encouragement to our BOB Kids and we will deliver it directly to the schools. Imagine how special Syrian refugee kids would feel receiving messages from those on the other side of the world, letting them know: "We haven't forgot about you".

Together we can change the world. Together we CAN make a difference.

"If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk FAR, walk together" ~ South African Proverb.

Love & Light,