Lana Pratt explains her experience working on our first fashion shoot

Strap in folks this is a bit of a long one but I am writing straight from the heart today so stick with me please!

So when this old friend of mine from high school mentioned she was starting a not for profit organisation - with the main goal of providing educational supplies to Syrian children in refugee camps, I was instantly interested. When she then said she planned to sell clothing to generate the finances to do this - I was hooked - so I told her to put me down for a free photo session when the time came.

Now all of this transpired when I was only just starting out in this photography venture... so it's been a little while in the making, furthermore fashion photography - is well, not my usual gig! BUT I was so excited when I finally had the opportunity to work with Bianca & some super cool model volunteers on this little project. 

Bianca (the gumption behind BOB) is just like you and I. She is a young woman, a mother to a little girl not much younger than my own. She is your everyday person, with a difference - she is determined to make one. We all see the images on the news, on Facebook, in the paper; of the despair around the world. The Middle East as we are all painfully aware has of late been more prevalent in terms of this. Bianca felt personally stirred to do more than sit and watch but to do something about it - and find a way to encourage and empower us (the other everyday people) to help in the process. 

The concept is quite simple: beautiful, quality, responsible fashion items - with simple but powerful designs - sold by BOB - purchased by us which then equals the proceeds of which goes towards the purchase and supply of educational tools and supplies to Syrian children living in refugee camps. An entire generation of displaced children, who are going to slip by without an education unless someone, somewhere does something about it. Now I personally feel that whatever gift or ability I may have in this little passion of mine - should be used for more than about 'generating an income'. In fact I don't want to do this if I can't do something more with it, something that matters or at least leaves a tiny positive mark in this world. Just imagine if we all used our strengths in some way to better this place, the change we could bring? Now this humble photo shoot is just that; an opportunity to get involved and be a part of something bigger than just me. I know that Bianca and her dream for this organisation are BIG and she can achieve great things. So I am so truly humbled and blessed to have been a small part of this project and I am committed to continuing my support and who knows where it will take us! 

So I just wanted to share this gallery and blog piece as the sale of these T-shirts are now available for purchase via their online store. Its been a long journey for BOB to get to this milestone, and not without many challenges. I ask you my friend, to check out their site and even order a T-Shirt for yourself or a friend, and enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling you will surely get when you do - knowing the proceeds are helping make a child somewhere not just happy but equipped to learn, and of course there is the hang tag - which doubles as a postcard (cleverly named a "post-tag") so you can send your very own personal message of encouragement to the kids directly - just awesome! And for all my clients you can look forward to seeing me proudly wearing my BOB T-Shirt at your next session :)

Please visit the BOB Foundation website to purchase your T-shirt or learn more about this amazing movement.

Special thanks to First Edition Book Shop in Fremantle & also The Raw Kitchen who both very kindly and generously donated the use of their premises as locations for our session.


Love & Light,