Update: What You Need To Know About The Syrian Crisis

Fact 1: The Syria refugee crisis began in May 2011. Currently, half of Syria’s pre-war population is displaced. Nearly eight million are within Syria and four million have fled to neighbouring countries: Turkey, Lebanon, Jordon, Iraq and Egypt to seek safety.

Fact 2: According to the UN, the conflict in Syria has now driven more than four million people – a sixth of the population – to seek sanctuary in neighbouring countries.

Fact 3: Turkey is now the largest refugee-hosting country in the world, sheltering almost 1,805,255 Syrians, followed by Lebanon taking in almost 1,172,735 Syrian refugees.

Fact 4: According to various agencies and their partner organizations, due to the lack of monetary aid to tackle the Syrian refugee crisis – the shortfall has meant that 1.6 million refugees have already had food assistance cut this year and 750,000 children are not attending school.


Fact 5: A recent global trends study by the UNCHR found that there were 19.5 million refugees – more than half of them children – as well as 38.2 million internally displaced people and 1.8 million asylum seekers.



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