BOB Certified Charities and Schools

The BOB Foundation Ltd. collaborates closely with other charities or schools who have on the ground resources and direct contact with children in refugee camps.
If you are a non-profit organisation in Lebanon, Jordan or Iraq and have direct contact with schooling refugee children; feel free to contact us on to register your interest and we will email you our Information Pack.

Kayany Foundation, Lebanon.

Kayany Foundation is a BOB Certified Charity that is based in Beruit, Lebanon and provides Syrian refugee children with what every child in the world deserves: the opportunity to succeed and live a purposeful life.  Their work targets the most vulnerable children residing in informal tented settlements within Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, advocating for their needs and ensuring their voices are heard. Kayany advocates for the needs of Syrian refugee children. They provide aid and education to help save a whole generation at risk. The current focus of their work is focused heavily on providing non-formal education directly to Syrian children residing in informal tented settlements in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley. 

Kayany students

Kids of Kayany Foundation working hard in a classroom

In the latter half of 2014 Kayany was able to secure funding and construct three schools, enrolling over 1,279 children in our schools. They have also provided students who have been out of school for three years with accelerated courses to bring them up to the standards specified in the Lebanese Arabic curriculum. In addition to constructing schools, Kayany has also delivered emergency aid to children and their families including: providing children with cleft lip surgeries, funding a mobile medical clinic, implementing cash for work projects, as well as providing food and nutrition to vulnerable families.

To learn more about Kayany Foundation and their projects, simply visit their website.