BOB Press Kit


About Books Over Bombs

Founded in 2014 by Bianca Hadzic, a mother from Australia who has always been passionate about helping kids, the Books Over Bombs (BOB) Foundation is a non-profit organisation that aims to raise awareness and funds for the education of kids in refugee camps. BOB Foundation Ltd. aims to do so by promoting a concept called #ResponsibleFashion, which refers to a fashion label who is either socially or environmentally responsible. BOB provides labels the opportunity to become socially responsible by asking them to design a piece of apparel for the charity, with all of the proceeds going to the BOB kids – refugee children living in camps. BOB will also be selling their own line of T-shirts, which are GMO-free, 100% Organic Cotton, Certified Fair Trade and give 100% of the profits to their BOB Kids.

BOB firmly believe that EDUCATION is EMPOWERMENT and wish to uphold this basic Human Right and instill hope to an otherwise desperate situation. It’s time to choose #BooksOverBombs.

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Where Does the Money Go?

Kayany Foundation is based in Beirut, Lebanon, and provides Syrian refugee children with what every child in the world deserves: the opportunity to succeed and live a purposeful life. Their work targets the most vulnerable children residing in informal tented settlements within Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, advocating for their needs and ensuring their voices are heard. With the help of BOB, they provide aid and education to help save a whole generation at risk, providing them with non-formal education and schooling.

In the latter half of 2014 Kayany, was able to secure funding and construct three schools and enrolling over 1,279 children. They have also provided students who have been out of school for three years with accelerated courses to bring them up to the standards specified in the Lebanese Arabic curriculum. In addition to constructing schools, Kayany has also delivered emergency aid to children and their families including, providing children with cleft lip surgeries, funding a mobile medical clinic, implementing cash for work projects, and providing food and nutrition to vulnerable families.

Pictured Below: Students of Kayany (BOB Kids)



 #Responsible Fashion refers to brands in the industry that are either environmentally or socially responsible. BOB offers fashion brands the opportunity to make a difference by collaborating with them on projects, with all proceeds going directly to refugee camp schools, allowing them to reach more children and provide quality education to a forgotten generation.

Pictured Below: Our models wearing BOB Tees. Photography by Lana Pratt Photography.



Remembering a forgotten generation: Instead of the conventional hang-tag with the T-shirts, BOB wanted to go the extra mile and give special touch to their pieces. They have teamed up with Postcards For Peace to create a “hang-tag with a difference”, which also acts as an actual postcard allowing customers to send a handwritten message of encouragement and hope to refugee children. An amazing way to let the children know that the world has not forgotten about them, but also, show customers that buying from BOB will really make a difference in the lives of these children. 


Founder’s Bio

BOB was founded by Bianca Hadzic, a 29 year old mother who had always been passionate about helping kids. Born in South Africa and raised in Australia, Bianca lived in Dubai for 3 years; something, which ultimately changed the course of her life.

In Dubai, she met amazing people who were all actively doing something to help others, whether it was climbing mountains to raise money for kids with cancer (Climb for Cancer) or making healthier living more affordable (Noviplus). The entrepreneurial lifestyle seemed to resonate with her and made her realise that she could achieve anything she wanted. During a holiday in Australia, she saw a heart-wrenching video of a little Syrian refugee boy being bullied and taunted, which then went viral. As a mother this broke her heart and she wept for that boy and for the boy who was bullying him; for being taught to hate is a curse in itself too. She wanted to help but didn’t know how she could. It then dawned on her that matters like this begin with education. Not only is school a place of safety, education is something that no child in the world should be deprived of.